Four Mile Creek

April 17, 2010

which is actually not fed by any spring or lake, but is the combined runoff from the Boulder foothills up Four Mile Canyon.  I used to take my kids to the North Broadway Coffee Shop, then come out and throw rocks in the Creek. it would start flowing in April, peak in late May, then wind down and stop in mid summer. then in the drought years, 2005-2009, it would never even start up in the spring.  This year it’s back.  It takes an interesting route southeast through residential boulder, mostly along a flood plain that is undeveloped for a hundred feet or so on either side.  Little bridges across it within some people’s property.   It’s a largely unknown gem of a natural corridor inside the city, unknown except to those who live alongside.

Near 19th St., toward the Boulder Elks Lodge.

Just west of Broadway, next to Med Shed/North Broadway coffee shop


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